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At Lambeth Walk Day Nursery we offer a wide range of opportunities for careers in childcare, so whether you have worked in childcare for many years or are looking to start a new chapter in your career, why not ring us to enquire about any vacancies and we can advise you as to any opportunities that may arise for you.

But why choose the Lambeth Walk Day Nursery?

Despite its size, the nursery has family at the heart of its core, the nursery itself created by a family that wanted to provide an outstanding yet affordable childcare service to the local community.

With two nurseries opened more than 15 years ago, our staff have established a long rapport with local children, parents, school and other educational institutions, and due to the nursery's excellent location, transport is never an issue.

The nursery provides in house and external training to staff on a continual basis, which helps to ensure that staff are up to date with changes in law and in procedure and which will help to ensure we offer a childcare service that parents trust. 

How can I work at the Lambeth Walk Day Nursery?

Please download and print the Job Application Form below, fill it in and post it to:

Mioara Istrate - Director, Lambeth Walk Day Nursery, Longton House, Lambeth Walk, London SE11 6LU.

Please note: a minimum of one week , unpaid work experience is required to be performed by any applicant following a successful interview. We hope this will help applicants showcase their personality and the core skills required to work with children at our nursery.
Aug 22, 2013, 1:52 PM